Monthly Archives: December 2008

Sunday, the first part.


Ignoring phone calls and breathing in smoke. Trying to connect to gospel – because today is Sunday, and sometimes that shit works, but today it doesn’t because my head’s not really in it. I want to write something. Want to put feelings on “paper” in hopes that it’ll be some kind of therapeutic.

I feel frustrated. Angry. Tired. Creative. Reflective over the last 24 hours. I have this bug that nips at me incessantly, saying something like, “there’s inspiration. Write something since you claim you want to so bad.” So, I head out for paper towels and on the way back up to the 7th floor, I’m confounded by “musings of introspective reflection” – what do I really feel about [insert the litany of shit I’ve thought about today]? And also It’s a blog, yes, but how much can I/should I really say?

With that, I’m off to get dressed and further contemplate this query. I’ll be back with something substantive to say. 6:25.