It’s a Celebration, Bitcheeees!

The word of the day is OPULENCE! Because I'm on that.

I can never understand how folks don’t wanna flip the wold on its head to celebrate their birthdays.  I also can never understand why other folks get so sensitive about those of us who do.  “It aint no national holiday, nigga,” they say.

Oh, oh, oh but it is.  To me it is.

The day you were born isn’t just another day for the routine.  It’s the anniversary of the day you entered the world – the day you became eligible for greatness.

Imagine if you didn’t have a birthday to celebrate.  Imagine if you were never born; imagine the experiences you wouldn’t have had and the people you wouldn’t have met.  Isn’t that sad?  Birthdays are for celebrating the fact that you’re here.  And that alone is an awesome blessing.

Today is my motherfucking birthday.  It is the Age of Aquarius.  It’s our time of year and our time in human history.  And by ‘our,’ you should know I mean ‘my.’  I see this time as the Age of Enlightenment, Part Deux.  We embrace diversity, we solicit science and reason, and we are undeterred in imagining and accomplishing great things.  We get to celebrate new thoughts, new ideas, and new opportunities to make our world better.

On this birthday and the days that follow, I plan to enjoy decadence and debauchery as much as possible.  And I plan to answer all challenges to my authority with “because it’s my birthday” followed by a *this is not debatable* face.

It feels so good to be alive, and to be happy.  I couldn’t be more grateful.

Finally, on this birthday and in the years that follow, I plan to continue my life’s work:  being as dope as humanly possible.

We gon take it to the moon, take it to the stars / how many people you know can take this far / I’m super-charged / we bout to take this whole thing to Mars…

Lift off!


About moniquealicia

M.A.G. is a doctoral student at Howard University. She resides in the Washington, DC metro area, and is passionate about her love of family and friends, politics and conversation, and the exceptional meal. View all posts by moniquealicia

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