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...or it should be.

They say it doesn’t anger or boast; it isn’t selfish or spiteful.

They say all human interaction is driven by one of two emotions – love or fear.

Today we celebrate the former.  Even if you happen not to have live-in-lovin pseudo-scheduled at your crib tonight, chances are someone loves you nonetheless.  Your friends do; your family does.  We can celebrate love how ever it presents itself, no? And we can be fortified by it no matter who gives it, right?

bell hooks said love is an act of will:  “the will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth.”  Love is action, selfless action.  It takes work and commitment to interact with folks from a position of love, as the act of loving is often tested and challenged and stretched.  But if it’s real, then it’s resilient.  And, like a good spanx, love snaps back.

Just last weekend, I celebrated my birthday with a group of folks who, at one time or another (including now), couldn’t be gathered in the same room together.  But time and love heals.  And as a result, I was treated with the best rendition of the Black version of Happy Birthday I’ve ever heard.  Thank y’all for that.  🙂

I’m convinced that if you lead with love, you’ll get it back.  Treat each other right, and love one another.  Because, yeah, karma can be a bitch.  But she can also be the homie who shows up to your party with good liquor and barbecued brisket.  It all depends on where your heart’s at.


It’s a Celebration, Bitcheeees!

The word of the day is OPULENCE! Because I'm on that.

I can never understand how folks don’t wanna flip the wold on its head to celebrate their birthdays.  I also can never understand why other folks get so sensitive about those of us who do.  “It aint no national holiday, nigga,” they say.

Oh, oh, oh but it is.  To me it is.

The day you were born isn’t just another day for the routine.  It’s the anniversary of the day you entered the world – the day you became eligible for greatness.

Imagine if you didn’t have a birthday to celebrate.  Imagine if you were never born; imagine the experiences you wouldn’t have had and the people you wouldn’t have met.  Isn’t that sad?  Birthdays are for celebrating the fact that you’re here.  And that alone is an awesome blessing.

Today is my motherfucking birthday.  It is the Age of Aquarius.  It’s our time of year and our time in human history.  And by ‘our,’ you should know I mean ‘my.’  I see this time as the Age of Enlightenment, Part Deux.  We embrace diversity, we solicit science and reason, and we are undeterred in imagining and accomplishing great things.  We get to celebrate new thoughts, new ideas, and new opportunities to make our world better.

On this birthday and the days that follow, I plan to enjoy decadence and debauchery as much as possible.  And I plan to answer all challenges to my authority with “because it’s my birthday” followed by a *this is not debatable* face.

It feels so good to be alive, and to be happy.  I couldn’t be more grateful.

Finally, on this birthday and in the years that follow, I plan to continue my life’s work:  being as dope as humanly possible.

We gon take it to the moon, take it to the stars / how many people you know can take this far / I’m super-charged / we bout to take this whole thing to Mars…

Lift off!

It’s My Motherfucking Birthday.

Older, better, wiser.

At 1:26p.m., I officially turned 30. It feels good, real good. Jacques bought me a drink. Dry, with a twist. Jacqueline made it expertly, so I only needed one. My Facebook page has been nonstop with the selfless goodwill of people who didn’t have to care to say “happy birthday”, but did. My heart is full. With happiness and gratitude and love. I honestly don’t want for anything more.

I’m not in any way afraid of “after 30”. And I don’t believe it’s all down hill from here. On the contrary, this is like the youth stage of fine wine. This is the launch pad; It only gets better from here, baby.

I feel like the “getting to know me” work of my 20s paid off. I feel like going forward, it’s about refining and refining and refining to make an elegant, one-of-a-kind piece. Today feels like the first day of that.  Only on a grander scale — a “no ceilings” kinda life. No boundaries, no “you can’t, you couldn’t, you probably shouldn’t.”

I’m usually a, “no,no. You go ahead” kind of person. I’m learning that it’s ok though to take a “fuck you, it’s my turn” approach from time to time. And so I look at what happens after the pomp and circumstance of today’s occasion, and I can’t help feeling like, in general, it’s my turn. Get out my way; greatness is motherfucking afoot.

And she turned 30 today. At 1:26 p.m.

In the spirit of Aquarius, I wish a very Happy Birthday to the fine folks who share this special day with me.

Y’all be good, now. You know how we do.